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The Types Of Workers In Every Office

When you work in an office you get used to all the different personalities and no matter where you go you probably see the same types of people on the job. Believe it or not, according to a new report, there are actually 10 different types of people who work in an office, and there are definitely some that are more liked and hated than others. 

Business psychologist Dr. Lynda Shaw has identified the ten personalities you’re likely to see on the job, and we doubt many people will be surprised by them. They include:

  • The Grafter – This person puts their head down and gets the results; a safe pair of hands.
  • The Chatterbox – Someone who’s always chatting; in the office, in the kitchen, and they know everything there is to know.
  • The Workaholic – The first in and last to leave, and work is their life.
  • The Comedian – The guy, or gal, who’s always making everybody laugh and is the center of attention at work events.
  • The Big Talker – The person who’s always taking about themselves so you’re bound to know when they’ve had a recent success.
  • The Delegator - The one who passes work on to someone else as soon as it comes their way.
  • The Juggler – The employee who’s juggling multiple tasks with ease, they make it seem easy.
  • The Wallflower - A shy and retiring type that keeps their head down at work.
  • The Micromanager – That person who needs to have their hands in detail and oversee every team member.
  • The Charmer – The one who’s smooth talking and easy going; unflappable and can talk their way out of any situation.

Now not every type of employee is loved around the office. According to Shaw, The Grafter is the most common employee out there, and also the one who’s likely to earn the most respect. The other most common workers are The Chatterbox and the Workaholic. As for the workers people don’t really care for, that's the Big Talker and the Micromanager. The Big Talker tends to be the employee folks find hardest to deal with, and while folks don’t care for the Micromanager, folks do feel they need their support the most.

Source: The Daily Mail


This Is Where Old Satellites End Up

Where do old satellites go to die? It's a place in the Pacific Ocean more than 14-hundred miles from any piece of land and home to hundreds of dead satellites.

Its official name is Point Nemo and NASA calls it a "space cemetery." It’s the z’Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility.” NASA likes it because it's a place where you can put things down without hitting anything.

To bury a spacecraft there, space agencies have to time a crash over that spot. Smaller satellites just burn up. NASA right now is watching a dying eight-and-a-half-ton Chinese space station which launched in September 2011. It's set to crash back into the Earth in early 2018.

Why such a remote location? The odds of people taking parts are slim to none since there is literally nothing within about 17 million square kilometers. Source: Indy 100


Woman Confronts Intruder Naked

91 year old Patricia Mulkeen, was woken up early Tuesday morning by her barking dog. When Patricia got up to investigate what was causing her dog to bark, she found an intruder in her dinning room. Patricia wasn't the only one surprised, the intruder looked up to see Patty standing completely naked. The intruder fled but was soon caught by the police. (whdh)

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