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Navy Rescues Two Lost Mariners In Pacific

Two Americans who were lost at sea for five months are safe after being rescued by the U.S. Navy. In case you missed it, Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba were rescued by the USS Ashland Navy's 7th Fleet about 900 miles from Japan on Wednesday. They had set off from Oahu and were headed for Tahiti on May 3rd.

The women, who are from Hawaii, said bad weather and engine problems caused their vessel to stray off course. Things got worse because they were so far off course, no one could receive their distress calls. A Taiwanese fishing vessel first spotted the pair on Tuesday, which began the rescue effort – and they were picked up Wednesday morning.

How’d they survive for so long? A year’s worth of food and water purifiers on board. Still, it was no picnic. They endured three serious storms and their vessel was attacked by tiger sharks - twice! But if you’re thinking this situation has dampened their love of the water, think again. While their boat is currently adrift, they’re hoping that once found, it can be repaired…and that they can get right back on the water.


Here’s a great reason to binge watch scary movies this weekend … you’ll burn calories.

Yep, a new study found that horror movies can help you lose weight. And the scarier you find the movie, the better the results. Study participants were attached to heart rate, oxygen, and carbon dioxide monitors and then asked to watch six different scary movies. One participant got so terrified while watching The Shining, she burned 184 calories. Researchers also determined that the majority of participants experienced a decrease in anxiety and frustration after a good scare. So, you burn calories and improve your mood. Win-win! (Time


A Snake in the Sheets

When checking into a hotel room, one of the first things many people do is inspect the bed. If you don't normally, you will definitely start after hearing what was found in one North Carolina hotel room.

Police in Asheville were called to the Rodeway Inn and Suites after a housekeeper was cleaning a room and found a five-foot boa constrictor in the bed. Animal control officers were called, and the snake was taken to an animal shelter.

Several hours later, the snake's owner arrived to retrieve it and told police he had brought the pet to the hotel to visit a friend and somehow misplaced it. (Asheville Citizen-Times)

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