How To Detox After A Candy Binge

It's only been two days since Halloween, but chances are you’ve already finished off all the candy in the house. And hey, I get it, it’s hard not to indulge in sweet treats this time of year. But with the endless supply of baked goods and Halloween candy everywhere, we tend to overindulge and now we’re coming down off a sugar binge and it’s not pretty.

So how do we recover? First, registered dietitian Keri Glassman suggests not dwelling on it. There’s no point in feeling guilty, she says it’s better to focus on what you can do today to get back on track - which means paying attention to your body and eating the right nutrient-packed foods.

After you come down from your sugar high, Glassman warns there are some tell-tale signs you’ve overdone it with the candy. When your blood sugar levels finally drop, you’ll feel that familiar sugar crash, leaving you sluggish and tired. But don’t reach for another Snickers bar to perk back up. Here’s what she suggests you do instead:

  • Don’t skip breakfast - But make sure it’s something low-sugar. Eggs and sliced avocados come highly recommended from Glassman.
  • Eat fish, raw nuts, and vegetables - The fiber will help clean out your gut and slow digesting foods, like protein and healthy fats, will keep you full longer and keep blood sugar from going high again.
  • Drink more water - Fill up your reusable 32-ounce bottle twice a day and add some lemon for an antioxidant boost.

Source: My Domaine

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