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You Choose The News - 11-7-17


The Benefits Of Having A Work Spouse

Making friends at the office is important to keep your morale up, but for some people their bond with a special colleague goes way beyond just friendship. We’re talking about that person who is so close to someone that they are often characterized as a “work wife” or “work husband,” and while real-life spouses may get a little jealous of that close bond, the truth is that work spouse may be just what they need to help them survive their job.

A recent UK poll, which could easily translate here, found that 47.2% of people wish they had a “work spouse,” because they offer “support and mentorship,” and also give “advice and guidance,” as well as “friendship and companionship.”

So what benefits do such work spouses offer? Well, they tend to be the person in the office that always has your back and you can always count on, plus they give you a standing lunch partner. They're also the person who’ll keep a watchful eye out for you at the Christmas party if you start embarrassing yourself. What's more, a work spouse is someone you can go to when you need to vent about a fellow employee or boss, and will be there the one person who'll be straight with you after you mess up a project or assignment at the office. And let's face it, we all need that!

Source: New York Post 


Have you been pining for the Jersey Shore?

Well, it’s back … sort of. After eight years, MTV is bringing gym, tan and laundry back … but this time the beach house is set in Panama City Beach, Florida. And because the Florida Panhandle stretches into Alabama, the show is called Floribama Shore. No, really. (Cosmo


Don’t Fall For This Netflix Email Scam 

An email scam is targeting Netflix subscribers.

The emails tell Netflix subscribers they need to update their billing information. A link takes them to a fake website where they're asked to log in and provide information including credit card numbers.

Cyber security experts say the scam emails that started going out on Friday are relatively well-designed. Netflix said on its website yesterday that subscribers who wonder whether emails are really from the streaming service can go to for information.

Some basic tips to avoid falling for these scams is to always check the email address of the sender, go directly to the website that “sent you” the email and check your account messages, and scan the email for grammar or wording that is not completely alright. Source: USA Today

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