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You Choose The News - 11-9-17


Hockey Coach Fired After Pep Talk

Bantam A. Black was an assistant coach for a you hockey team in Littleton, Colorado. Bantam gave the team a deranged, sexually charged pep talk to his team, telling the teens: “F— their coaches! F— their wives! F— their friends!” After complaints from parents Bantam was fired.

Source: NYPost


Do you like the window seat on a plane?

Well, then you’re probably selfish … according to some psychologists, anyway. They say that people who prefer a window seat are “selfish” and “controlling,” while those who like aisle seats are more likely to be introverts? Huh? Seems more like window seat fans want to sleep and not be bothered … while people who like the aisle like having more leg room … and don’t mind having to get up a lot and talking to those around them. But what do we know? (Independent)

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