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You Choose The News - 11-14-17


Girls make boys smarter …

A new study from the Netherlands has found that boys get better grades when their classes have more girls in them. Researchers from Utrecht University looked at the reading test scores of more than 200,000 15-year-olds from over 8,000 co-ed schools all over the world, and found that the boys’ scores were higher when more than 60% of their classmates were girls. Why? Researchers theorize that girls not only concentrate better in class but they are also more motivated to read. They believe this has a positive influence on the boys in their classes. (Moneyish


New Blood Pressure Guidelines Mean Half Of Americans Have High BP

Overnight, 30 million more Americans have high blood pressure.

No, it wasn’t a traumatic event or wave of some kind that caused this; it’s new guidelines. The new guidelines could mean more Americans now have high blood pressure. Heart doctor groups including the American Heart Association are moving the goal posts for what's considered a risk for hypertension.

The idea is to spur millions into changing their diets, exercise routines and lifestyle choices. The new standard is to get blood pressure down below 130 over 80, formerly 140 over 90. Heart disease, stroke, or other health issues may result from elevated pressure. Source: Los Angeles Times

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