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What Do You Do When Someone Loses A Job?

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Losing a job ranks number eight on the Holmes-Rahe stress inventory, not far behind the death of a spouse. And while it’s the holiday season, it’s also end of the year – fourth quarter layoffs.

Experts say it’s important to step up and express condolences to those going through a job loss. Make eye contact, give hugs, and be sincere even when it’s difficult. If you find yourself tongue-tied, here are a few expert tips to keep in mind:

Take your lead from the person who lost a job. If they’re running out of the building in tears, they probably don’t want to be chased. If they’re clearing out a desk of belongings don’t be afraid to approach with an “I’m sorry.”

Remember the news is theirs to share, not yours. Even if the person posts their job loss on social media, it doesn’t mean it’s your news to tell anyone without permission first.

Don’t make it about you. Nope, you’re not envious of the person who lost their job so refrain from saying things like “now you get to sleep in late.”

Sending them job leads that are clearly beneath them is insulting, so don’t. A better idea - offer to circulate their resume around to your contacts.

Help them see their situation in a different light. Put a better spin on the situation. Tell them how excited you are for all the new possibilities they have waiting for them.

Source: Huffington Post

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