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You Choose The News - 11-29-17



Men are facing some unique challenges in the workplace, including having many jobs replaced by automation and robots.

Many jobs that aren’t going away – yet – are in the medical field, including nursing.

But, despite an increased demand for nurses, physician assistants and physical therapists, and despite the fact that these jobs pay very well, guys are just not stepping up and taking those jobs, leaving the vast majority to women. (Vox)


How To Stop Worrying So Much

Worrying is a normal part of our everyday routines. Bills, relationships, safety, holidays, there are so many things keeping our brains moving we can get caught up in the anxiety of it. But worrying can be totally normal. There’s a fine line between worrying because it’s how you deal with stress and being so worried that it affects your daily life.

So, how can you stop worrying so much? For some folks it’s as simple as scheduling a block of time each day to worry. If you worry outside that block of time, you can just remind yourself it’s not worry time, yet! It may seem ridiculous, but it’s a helpful technique to prevent you from worrying all day, according to Amy Morin, LCSW, a psychotherapist and author of, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do”

Morin also says it can be helpful to just accept you have anxiety, because many people worry about worrying. “It’s meant to keep you safe,” Morin adds. “If you didn’t have any anxiety at all, you wouldn’t look both ways before you crossed the road.”

Source: Refinery 29


Was Jennifer Hudson Fired From The Voice?

Rumors are swirling that Jennifer Hudson has been a diva on the set of The Voice and Blake Shelton doesn't like it. In fact sources say she doesn't get along with any of her fellow judges. After being asked by her bosses to calm down and not complying Jennifer has been fired. People from Hudson's camp say these rumors are completely false and she gets along great with everyone on set. However, Jennifer and Miley Cyrus will both be vacating their chairs to make room for Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson to try their hands at coaching for Season 14 in 2018. 

 Source: RadarOnline

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