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You Choose The News - 12-5-17


Georgia Fans Prank Oklahoma QB

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield was woken up the other night because his phone wouldn't stop ringing.  Someone posted Baker's phone number online and UGA Fans  got a hold of it. They then blew his phone up with what he says were some creative "words of encouragement." The QB took it all in stride and says it was a creative way to prank him.

 Source: SportsDay


Bah humbug …

According to a new survey, 33 percent of respondents say they wish they could just skip the holiday season so they didn’t have to spend money on gifts. 35 percent of Millennials say they want to skip the gift-giving and use the money for something else. And 25 percent of Millennials say if they do get gifts, they’d prefer to get households essentials -- like toilet paper and paper towels -- so they didn’t have to buy those things themselves. Fa la la? (Moneyish


Eating Cheese Is Actually Good For Your Heart

There’s a lot of heavy stuff going on in the world today, so we’re happy to share this bit of bright news to make you smile: Eating cheese can actually lower your risk of heart disease! Of course there are guidelines about moderation and all, but let’s take a minute to enjoy this happy news.

Researchers reviewed 15 existing studies on the health effects of eating cheese, which looked at the diet and health outcomes of over 200,000 people, and they found that on average, those who ate one portion of cheese a day were 14% less likely to get coronary heart disease and 10% less likely to have a stroke. Sounds amazing, right?

So how big is a portion, anyway? We’re talking about 40 grams, which is only a piece of cheese about the size of a matchbox. So it’s not much, but it’s cheese and they’re saying it’s good for our hearts!

Authors of the study point out that the long-term effects of eating cheese every day are still unclear. And their findings don’t make cheese a “health food” but we’ll happily eat our matchbox-size chunk and do it guilt-free.

Source: She Knows

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