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You Choose The News - 12-6-17


The Safest Cities In America

Nobody wants to live in an area that isn’t safe, and when picking a neighborhood, safety is probably one of the most important things on a family’s must-have list. It’s no secret that some areas of the country are safer than others, but which ones are the safest out there?

WalletHub has come out with their list of the Safest Cities in America, and they weren’t just looking at crime rates. The site judged 180 cities across 35 key indicators of safety, including home and community safety, which includes things like assaults, thefts and hate crimes per capita, as well as law enforcement employees per capita; natural disaster risk and financial safety, which includes unemployment and poverty rates, as well as the number of uninsured people in the area.

So with all that, the city deemed the safest in the U.S. is Nashua, New Hampshire, which scored an 87.36 out of 100, although it ranks fourth for home and community safety. Meanwhile, Columbia, Maryland ranks fourth overall on the list, but they are tops when it comes to home and community safety.

Ten Safest Cities In America

  1. Nashua, NH
  2. South Burlington, VT
  3. Warwick, RI
  4. Columbia, MD
  5. Gilbert, AZ
  6. Fargo, ND
  7. Lewiston, ME
  8. Plano, TX
  9. Portland, ME
  10. Brownsville, TX

On the flipside, Fort Lauderdale, Florida was deemed the least safe city in the country with a score of just 43.17 out of 100, with the area getting particularly low marks for home and community safety, as well as financial safety.

Ten Least Safe Cities In America

  1. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  2. St. Louis, MO
  3. San Bernardino, CA
  4. Oklahoma City, OK
  5. Detroit, MI
  6. Little Rock, AR
  7. Orlando, FL
  8. Chattanooga, TN
  9. Baton Rouge, LA
  10. Jackson, MS

Only 3 cities in Georgia made the list. Augusta came in at 64th, Columbus at 84th and Atlanta at 142 out of 188. 

Source: WalletHub



According to a recent survey, 57 percent of Americans -- regardless of the political party they vote for -- say the current political climate is stressing them out.

And now, because so much of the news on 24-hour news channels is political, it's driving people to drink more alcohol.

Of course, when the news isn't about politicians fighting, it’s often about other disturbing stuff -- and all this is leading to what scientists are calling "headline distress disorder."

It’s not something you can have diagnosed by your doctor. It’s just something you have to deal with. And, it seems that many people are dealing with it by self-medicating with booze. (Vice)


Waffle House Customer Cooks For Himself While Employee Sleeps

After a long night of drinking, a lot of folks just want to soak up the alcohol with a meal of greasy carbs. That’s what Alex Bowen had in mind when he stopped by a West Columbia, South Carolina Waffle House restaurant at three a.m. on his way home from having drinks with friends.

The intoxicated man waited about 10 minutes at the restaurant’s register, but no one came to wait on him and no one was inside at all. Bowen even checked outside to see if an employee was around, but after not finding anyone, he took things into his own hands.

“That’s when I got hot on the grill with a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt,” Bowen says. He cooked his to-go meal and even cleaned up when he was finished. He did see the one worker on duty, who was fast asleep the whole time. Bowen documented his adventure in a Facebook post that’s now gone viral.

Bowen didn’t pay for his meal then, but he did come back and pay his tab later that day.

And district manager for Waffle House reached out to ask Bowen to be a secret shopper for the restaurant and thanked him for finding a flaw in the worker’s behavior. Waffle House even offered him a job because of his cooking skills, but he’s happy just being a customer.

Source: ABC News

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