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You Choose The News - 12-7-17


Man Volunteers To Drive Found Dog From Maryland To Kansas

When the Caroline County Humane Society in Maryland found a stray Pitbull mix with a microchip, they discovered the dog’s owner was in far away Wichita, Kansas. She had been missing her beloved pet, Zimba, since her ex took the dog on a road trip and abandoned the pup along the way when the couple broke up.

The woman was thrilled to know Zimba was safe, but since the woman has kids and a job, she couldn’t make the 1,300 mile trip to Maryland to pick him up. When the humane society couldn’t come up with a way to get Zimba back home, Zach Holt stepped up and volunteered to do it.

Zach used to work at the shelter and his girlfriend currently does, so when she told him Zimba’s story he was happy to help. "I'm a bartender," he explains. "I strictly work, you know, the weekends and Monday and I have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off. And four days is plenty of time to get to Kansas and back, so I said, 'Why not?'"

Zach and Zimba’s journey is being documented on the humane society’s Facebook page. If you want to donate to help cover the cost of his gas, tolls, hotel, or other expenses, check out the Carolina County Humane Society’s website.

Source: Sunny Skyz


Oreo Reveals "Mystery Flavor"

For everyone who's spent the last two months eating Oreos and trying to guess the "mystery flavor," all has finally been revealed.

The cookie company released the mystery flavor in October and asked fans to submit their flavor guesses for the chance to win $50,000. The contest ended November 30th and the mystery flavor is... Fruity Pebbles. The reveal didn't come as too much of a surprise for many people on social media who already guessed Fruity Pebbles. It's not known if Oreo has selected a contest winner. (


College Student Has To Wear Christmas Tree Costume For A Week

Source: Youtube Inside Edition

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