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You Choose The News - 12-8-17


Alaska Air Letting Passengers In Ugly Christmas Sweaters Board Early

While nobody likes to get an ugly Christmas sweater for the holidays, that one you got from Aunt June may just come in handy if you’re flying Alaska Airlines next week. 

In honor of National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, which is next Friday, the airline announced that anyone wearing an ugly holiday sweater will be allowed to board their plane early. And it’s not really just Alaska Air. Virgin America and Horizon Air flights, which are both owned by Alaska, will also take part in the promotion, across 115 cities.

“Travel during the holidays can be stressful for guests, especially those who do not travel often,” Natalie Bowman, Alaska Airlines managing director of marketing and advertising, explains. “This fun promotion not only allows guests to board early on that day, but gives people another opportunity to dust off that ugly holiday sweater hanging in the back of their closet.”

The airline also plans to pipe in holiday-themed boarding music to get travelers in the holiday spirit and asks that they share their travel experience using hashtags #UglySweaterDay and #MostWestCoast.

  • Now folks may be a bit embarrassed to wear that ugly sweater out, but think about the benefits. Flights are bound to be overcrowded due to holiday travel, so if you want to get on early and guarantee you get your carry-on in that overhead bin, it may just be worth it.

Source: Fox News 


Krispy Kreme Adds Gingerbread Glazed Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme has announced that on Tuesday, December 12 they’ll be serving a new Gingerbread Glazed Doughnut to celebrate National Gingerbread House Day. This is the company’s first gingerbread take on their classic Original Glazed Doughnut and our mouths are already watering.

According to Krispy Kreme, the Gingerbread Glazed Doughnut features “a perfectly spiced gingerbread dough with hints of cinnamon and ginger, covered in a warm gingerbread molasses glaze.” And this marks the first time Krispy Kreme has changed both the dough and the glaze to create a holiday treat.

Most Krispy Kreme locations seem to be taking part in the National Gingerbread House Day special, but here is a list of participating stores, so you can make plans now.

Source: Extra Crispy


The Most Boring City In Georgia Is... 

It's no surprise that Atlanta is considered the most exciting city in Georgia, but which city is the least exciting? That honor goes to Hinesville. To be named the most boring city researchers used data from the Census Bureau's 2015 County Business Patterns program, picking the metro areas with the highest and lowest number of businesses to determine the results. They also factored in the type of establishments, categorizing them in 66 groups, such as breweries, art dealers and museums

Source: AJC

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