How To Turn Off Your Brain So You Can Sleep

When you’re tired, all you want to do is sleep. But lack of sleep activates the brain’s worry center, which makes it harder to sleep. It can be a vicious cycle to break, but lots of us have been there before. Your pulse needs to be slow and even - under 60 beats per minute - to lull your body into unconsciousness and these are proven to help calm you down so you can sleep.

  • Journal - Grab a pen and write down your top three stressors and an action item for each one. Acknowledging them like this helps stop ruminating, so you can switch your mind off.
  • Progressive relaxation exercise - Start with your feet and work up your body, tensing and relaxing each area for a few seconds. The technique lets you feel strain and rest in different parts of your body and signals your muscle groups that it’s time to sleep.
  • Weighted blanket - The pressure from a weighted blanket can trigger your brain to release soothing neurotransmitters, like it does when you get a hug. Fans say it helps them doze off and fall back asleep when they wake up anxious.
  • Adult lullaby - Research shows the songs that help ease us to sleep have a consistent rhythm of 50 to 60 beats per minute, are five minutes or longer, and don’t have a catchy hook that engages your brain.
  • Don’t go to bed angry - All those negative emotions can get stronger overnight, so talk through your conflict before shut-eye.
  • Stop the spiraling - When you’re panicking at two in the morning about credit card debt or a comment your boss made, tell yourself: “There’s nothing I can do about it in the middle of the night. I’ll make a solid plan in the morning.”

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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