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You Choose The News - 12-19-17


And The Most Annoying Word Of The Year Is…

Folks may want to think twice before saying “whatever” to someone around you. Believe it or not, for the ninth year in row, “whatever” has been voted the most annoying word in Marist College’s poll of most annoying words and phrases, with a third of people bothered by it.

Other annoying words/phrases include:

  • “fake news” (23%)
  • “no offense” (20%)
  • “literally” (11%)
  • “you know what I mean” (10%)

Source: New York Daily News


Your New Year’s Eve Babysitter Is Gonna Cost A Fortune

Parents already pay a lot for babysitting, but hiring someone to watch the kiddos on New Year’s Eve is even more expensive. According to babysitting website Urbansitter, the national average for a sitter is around $15 an hour for one kid. But come December 31, that price goes up, and that’s IF you can find a babysitter who’s available on New Year’s Eve.

Urbansitter says moms and dads of one child can expect to pay an average of $17.88 an hour for a New Year’s Eve sitter and if you have two or more kids, the cost jumps to about $20 an hour. But the babysitter’s hourly rate is only the beginning. Most sitters expect extras like free dinner, and transportation home in a Lyft or Uber.

And parents who want to make sure an experienced sitter chooses their family on a high-demand night like New Year’s Eve sometimes even throw in a $50 tip on top of it all. All that money and you haven’t paid for dinner, drinks, or anything else yet.

But if you live in a major city, it’s even more expensive than that! These are the priciest cities to get a babysitter on New Year’s Eve:

  • New York City - For one kid, $18.81 an hour, for two or more kids, $24.06
  • San Francisco - One child is $18.90 an hour, $22.36 for two or more
  • Seattle - A sitter for one child is about $18.11 an hour and for two or more it’s $22.70
  • Los Angeles - Parents of one will pay around $18.38 an hour and for two or more kids, $20.52.
  • Washington D.C. - A sitter for one child is $17 an hour and for two or more, $21.45

Source: Moneyish

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