Are You A 30-Something Grandma?

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Some of us are old women trapped in the bodies of 30-somethings. How can you tell? There are some unmistakable signs of early onset grandma-ness, like if your idea of a good time is snuggling up on the sofa to watch “Golden Girls” reruns after an early dinner. Here are some other indications you might be old before your time, aka a 30-something granny:

  • You don’t go out after 9pm - Not that you have to rush home to be in by nine, but of something starts after nine, you’re not leaving the house that late to go. And you can’t remember the last time you were out for last call.
  • You knit, crochet, or make other wearable handicrafts - This might make you a little bit of a grandma, but it also makes you talented. If you can make someone a hat or some mittens, that’s a good grandma skill to have.
  • You knowing the CBS primetime lineup - How else would you know when to catch Mark Harmon on NCIS?
  • You have “nice” sweats or PJs - If being all about comfort makes you a grandma, so be it. And if you have “going out” PJs and regular PJs, you’re a little bit of a grandma, too.
  • You drink tea when you’re not sick - Bonus grandma points if you have a favorite mug.
  • You have furniture no one can sit on - Even 30-something grandmas know that there’s sitting furniture and then there’s for-show furniture.
  • You have fancy china you never use - Just like the furniture, grandmas have some plates and flatware that is only for company.
  • You want to literally Netflix and chill - If your idea of a big night is sliding into your staying in pajamas, popping popcorn, and hanging out with your remote, you are a grandma. But it’s totally fine. We’re not old ladies yet, we just act like them. And waking up nice and early without a hangover feels pretty good.

Source: Scary Mommy

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