How To Prevent Gray Hair

Some of us are comfortable with our natural hair color, even when it starts to grow in gray. But for others, those silvery strands are not welcome and they’ll run to the salon to get them covered as soon as they peek out. For most people, gray hair is just one of those things that will happen eventually, but if you’re dreading the arrival of that day, here are a few things you can do to help prevent gray hair from happening in the first place.

Make sure you're getting enough vitamin D - A study found that kids who experienced premature hair graying had low levels of vitamin D. It’s just one of the dietary deficiencies that can contribute to graying hair, according to science.

Get enough B12 too - Another study found that low levels of vitamin B12 can be associated with graying hair.

Avoid too much stress - As if you need another reason to manage your stress levels, experts warn that stress could be a possible cause of premature gray hair. They say chronic stress can lead to inflammation, which could turn off the melanin-producing cells in our scalp and shorten our hair growth cycles, which can lead to gray hair arriving early.

Don't smoke - You know how smoking can speed up aging the skin of smokers? Well, extensive research shows smoking is linked to premature graying in hair, so it can accelerate aging in both.

Schedule yearly checkups - Some illnesses, like autoimmune and thyroid disorders can cause premature gray hair, so having annual checkups with your doctor is important.

Source: Byrdie

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