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You Choose The News - 1-5-18


Lizards Are Falling Out Of Trees In Florida

Residents in South Florida are not only dealing with chilly temperatures but falling iguanas, too.  That's right, lizards are falling from the sky. Well, trees, technically. 

Temperatures have fallen to 40-degrees in Miami and with that, the exotic green iguanas are becoming immobilized and falling from their perches on tree branches. Naturally, people have been posting photos of the strange phenomenon on social media. 

Don't worry, though. Wildlife officials say the cold animals may appear to be dead, but are often still alive...and just fine.

Source: Associated Press



According to a new study, staying friends with an ex means you’re a psychopath.

Researchers found that people with the darkest personality traits, like narcissism and sadism -- among others -- are most likely to stay in contact with former partners. (Business Insider)


Woman’s Illness Is Actually Heinz Packets In Her Intestine

A woman in the U.K. who had been suffering from abdominal pain and bloating was eventually diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. But when the 41-year-old’s symptoms continued to get worse, doctors scheduled her for surgery and that’s when they found something unexpected: an “inflammatory mass” containing two pieces of plastic packaging with the words “Heinz” on them was in the wall of her small intestine.

The woman says she doesn’t remember ever eating a meal with the plastic, which are thought to be from sauce packets. After the freaky find, her symptoms disappeared almost instantly, and she no longer shows signs of Crohn’s disease since the surgery. So make sure you’re tossing your ketchup packs and not accidentally eating one.

Source: Delish

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