Why The Honeymoon Phase Is So Overrated

All couples love the honeymoon period, that blissful time when you’re in a brand-new relationship and on top of the world. It’s a pretty great feeling, but after you’re together for a while, passion fades a bit and things settle down, but that part can be amazing, too. Here are a few reasons why the honeymoon period isn’t actually the best time in your relationship.

  • You inevitably stress over EVERY tiny thing - In the beginning of a new romance, you’re analyzing everything from how long it takes him to respond to a text to which of the six outfits you tried on would be best for your totally casually date. Where’s the fun in that?
  • You feel like all your dates have to involve doing something fancy - You’re trying to impress each other, so you try harder with romantic dinners and dates. And those can be fun, but so is eating loaded nachos and binge watching Netflix on a Friday night.
  • You feel like never fighting is the status-quo - As things start to get more serious, you might finally have your first fight, but that’s not a bad thing. No one gets along 100% of the time, so learning to disagree in a healthy way is important.
  • While you'll probably have lots of sex, it's still not *the best* sex - New couples do get it on more often, but we want quality, not quantity here. And research suggests that couples who have sex once a week tend to be more satisfied than those who did it less often and doing it more didn’t add any benefit.
  • You might overlook some red flags during this time, especially if you're feeling insecure - They say love is blindness, but lust is too. So when we’re starry-eyed over someone new, we might not pay attention to the deal breakers we see in them.
  • It's impossible to sustain this feeling forever, and if you could, it'd be super unhealthy - In the early stages of a relationship, our brains actually release a chemical that has similar effects as amphetamines! That’s why we’re so excited about our new romances, we’re high on love. Sure, it feels great, but we can’t sustain it.
  • The ENTIRE biological point of the honeymoon period is for you to stay together - The beginning has to feel incredible and wonderful, otherwise, we wouldn’t want to stick around for the more boring, but still really great stuff, that happens when you’ve been together for a long time.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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