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Some People Aren't Very Happy With The Oconee County Sheriff's Department

Whenever their is inclement weather the  Oconee County Sheriff's Department takes to social media to warn the public. Some people weren't happy with these posts though. Some felt they weren't funny but more on the rude side. What do you think? Did their posts cross the line?




According to a new survey, men wait nearly three times as long as women do to change their sheets.

Guys change their bedding, on average, every 45 days. It even takes them an average of 18 days to change the sheets after a one-night stand.

This, of course, can be a problem because... you know... germs and dirt and bacteria?

So, let’s be better. Experts say sheets and pillowcases should be washed once or twice a week. Is that too much to ask? (Mattress Advisor)


The High Cost Of Smoking Per State

In addition to being bad for your health, smoking is a very expensive habit, and not just because some states tax cigarettes so much that a pack costs a ridiculous amount of money. According to reports, smoking costs Americans over $300 billion every year (when you factor in medical care and loss of productivity). And that number can be even higher depending on which state you live in.

Well, WalletHub looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine the true per-person cost of smoking in each state, factoring in the lifetime and annual cost of a cigarette pack per day, healthcare expenditures, income losses and more, and hopefully when smokers hear the numbers they may finally realize it’s time to quit.

Overall, smokers in New York shell out the most money per year on their gross habit, to the tune of $45,694, or the equivalent of $2,330,381 over a lifetime. One of the biggest reasons New Yorkers spend as much as they do is because of the high price of a pack of smokes, which comes out to about $13 each.

Meanwhile, Kentucky is the state where smokers spend the least money per year, but they shouldn’t be all that proud. They still spend $22,000 a year, and $1.1-million over a lifetime.

States Where Smokers Are Spending The Most Per Year(click here for the entire list)

  1. New York ($45,694)
  2. Massachusetts ($43,319)
  3. Connecticut ($42,920)
  4. Rhode Island ($42,499)
  5. Hawaii ($40,542)
  6. Alaska ($40,386)
  7. Minnesota ($37,643)
  8. District of Columbia ($37,579)
  9. Vermont ($37,303)
  10. California ($36,845)

The Financial Cost of Smoking in Georgia (1=Lowest, 25=Avg.):

  • Out-of-Pocket Cost per Smoker – $86,932 (Rank: 3rd)
  • Financial-Opportunity Cost per Smoker – $730,268 (Rank: 3rd)
  • Health-Care Cost per Smoker – $119,262 (Rank: 3rd)
  • Income Loss per Smoker – $208,231 (Rank: 20th)
  • Other Costs per Smoker – $11,751 (Rank: 28th)
  • Total Cost Over Lifetime per Smoker: $1,156,444
  • Total Cost per Year per Smoker: $22,675

Source: WalletHub

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