#TheGoodStuff - Couple Saves Baby Sloth From Drowning

A couple on vacation in Costa Rica enjoyed a wildlife adventure they’ll never forget when they rescued a baby sloth from drowning.

Dirk and Lori Morgan were relaxing near a beach when the tide rolled in and chased all the animals away. One animal that did not escape the rising water levels, though, was a baby two-toed sloth, which Dirk and Lori noticed was hanging onto a rock for dear life.

Fearing that the sloth would drown or be attacked by dogs running around on the beach, the couple approached the sloth and were able to scoop it into a box and cover it with a blanket to keep it warm.

Since there was no adult sloth in sight, they took it to an animal rescue center, where volunteers plan to nurse him back to full strength and then return him to the wild -- hopefully far enough away from the beach for him to stay out of trouble. (Cincinnati.com)(Facebook)

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