You Choose The News - 1-19-18


Ghostly party …


In Scotland, a group of women at a bachelorette party had an unexpected guest … the ghost of a small boy. The women were partying on a remote estate in Scotland when they decided to take some pictures. They set their camera on a timer and took two group shots, just seconds apart. One photo was normal, but in the second, a small boy can be seen crouching in the background. The women were so spooked that they googled the property and found out that a young boy who had visited there years ago with his parents had apparently been sleepwalking during the night and drowned in the lake. Needless to say, they didn’t stay on the grounds much longer. (Daily Mail)


Siri Gets Shady After Woman Asks Question About Crush

We ask Siri a lot of things like the weather and to “call Mom,” but don’t play with fire because Siri is throwing the flames. When former Disney star Cecilia Mula asked if a “certain boy” would ever text her, Siri replied by texting the boy, asking “will you ever text me?” 

Source: Twitter


Krispy Kreme Is Letting Us Choose It’s Next Glaze Flavor

Doughnut lovers, get ready for a say in your glaze!

Krispy Kreme is asking you to Vote For Glaze as part of its first-ever, crowdsourced contest. The flavors you have to vote for are blueberry, caramel, maple or lemon.

Voting began Wednesday and ends January 22. The winning glaze will rollout this spring. The company says they want customers to have a bigger role.

Get ready when the flavor hits the stores; it’ll only be available for a short time. Source: Today

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