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You Choose The News - 1-23-18


Is Ed Sheeran Retiring? 

Ed Sheeran recently got engaged to girlfriend Cherry. He says as soon as the two start having kids he will quit music. He wants to be a good father and focus on his kids. 



Hawaiians Were Delayed In Details Of False Alarm Because Of A Twitter Password 

A simple social media password stood between Hawaiians and the truth about a false alarm.

Hawaii's governor says one of the reasons he was unable to quickly notify the public of the recent false missile alarm was because he forgot his Twitter password. Hawaii Governor David Ige [[ EE-gay ]] was told the missile alert was a false alarm two minutes after the statewide alert was falsely broadcast across the state January 13th.

But, it took Ige's office 17 minutes after the false alert, to issue a statement saying the alert was, in fact, false. In a press conference on yesterday reporters pressed Ige about the delay. He said he was caught up in making phone calls to various leaders and then added that not knowing his Twitter account log-ons and passwords was also part of the problem.

The state is now making changes so they don’t rely on social media much. Source: Gizmodo



Through the years, life coaches and other counselors have discovered that the third week in January is one of the saddest weeks of the year.

It seems that by this time, people have accepted that the holiday season is truly over. They’ve also figured out just how far over budget they went during the holidays -- and how much weight they gained.

And, by now, many New Year’s resolutions that were made have already been abandoned.

Everybody's back to the grind, without an end in sight. (Mel Magazine)

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