The Ten Types Of Suburban Moms


Life in the burbs isn’t for everyone, but no matter what small town you’re in, there are some types of mothers you’re bound to see driving their minivans to their tree-lined cul-de-sacs. These are the suburban moms you’ll find in the suburbs.

  • The One Always Wearing Yoga Pants - She always looks like she’s on her way to or from a workout anytime you see her, but you’ve never actually seen her at the gym.
  • The Day Drinker - She always brings a bottle of wine to playdates and you’re not so sure that’s coffee in her thermos at soccer games on Saturday mornings. You try not to judge though, because you never know when you’ll need a drink from her.
  • The Endless Errand-Runner - She hits Whole Foods, Costco, and Trader Joe’s on her way to the post office and the dry cleaners, but somehow after running all those errands, she still has more stops to make the next day.
  • The One Who Just Moved From The City - Maybe she left for better schools or a lower cost of living, but she did it kicking and screaming and she’ll never stop saying, “Well, when I lived in…” while talking about the best manis, or the “food scene” in the burbs.
  • The Martha Stewart Impersonator - This mama never met a Pinterest project she couldn’t handle and she always has her hair and makeup done flawlessly, even after a morning of backyard beekeeping. She can teach you to fold a fitted sheet properly but don’t ever try to top her prize-winning brownies at the school bake sale.
  • The Gossip - Great when you need intel on your new neighbor, but keep her on your good side because she knows everything.
  • The Carpool Driver - She’s always volunteering to drive the kids everywhere and this is why you love her.
  • The One With All the Help - This mom has a nanny, a tutor, a housekeeper who’s there so much you wonder if she lives there, a gardener, and a personal chef, but she still feels like she does it all.
  • The "Cool Mom" - All the kids want to play at her house because she serves Doritos and Dr. Pepper, has an in-ground pool, a big screen TV with all the new video games and even gives them cupcakes for breakfast after a sleepover.
  • The Camp Counselor - Life in the suburbs is never boring for this mom. She’s got arts and crafts projects and vacations planned and she’s happy to help you find ways to get your family engaged too.

Source: PopSugar

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