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You Choose The News - 1-25-18


Let It Ride Better Is Betting On The Super Bowl

The anonymous "Let It Ride" better is at it again. LTR just won $14 million on the World Series, but apparently that isn't enough for him. The anonymous gambler is planning on making the biggest sports bet in Las Vegas history by putting at least $10 million on the Eagles to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Source: Philadelphia.cbslocal


A Cold Nose Could Mean Your'e Working Too Hard

If you have a cold nose, fret not! You’re not a dog, you’re just working really hard! According to a new study at the University of Nottingham, the temperature of your nose could actually depend on how hard your brain is working.

A neurological study done on 14 volunteers shows that the more mentally overwhelmed they were, the colder their nose. Thermal imaging cameras were used to track the participants’ brains conducting mental tasks. The findings concluded that the nose temperature correlated with mental work load.

The study’s authors are now working with Airbus to see if placing thermal imaging cameras in cockpits could help track pilots’ mental pressures while they fly.

Source: Independent


Budweiser Has Been Dethroned

Budweiser may be losing its title as the King of Beers.

For the first time, the lager is no longer one of the top three best-selling beers in the U.S. Miller Light has moved ahead into the number-three spot behind Coors Light and Bud Light which is the top-selling beer in the country. Globally, though, Budweiser is still the King of Beers even though Beer Marketer's Insights says it shipped 975,000 fewer barrels last year. Overall, trends for 2017 suggested that people are drinking less beer. (U.S. News & World Report)

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