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You Choose The News - 1-26-18


Waiter Surprised By Bad Tipping 13-Year-Olds

A waiter who waited on a group of 13-year-olds was disappointed when they left him a terrible tip, but they ended up surprising him by making it right when they realized their mistake. Server and Imgur user Seminole shared his experience with a bad tip turning into a nice surprise.

When he waited on the teens, they only left him a $3.28 tip, but because they were new to the whole dining out without adults thing, they had no idea that wasn’t enough. After figuring it out, they sent him a kind letter thanking him for being the best waiter they could ask for and they included the proper 18% they should’ve tipped “plus extra for simply being amazing.”

"I've been serving a long time, and nothing like this has ever happened to me, or anyone," Seminole writes on Imgur. "I don't know how you learned or educated yourself on tipping, but I really appreciate the effort and kindness."

Source: The Stir


How do you hug?

According to research from Germany, the side you hug on says a lot about how you are feeling. Seems a hug on the left side is more emotional and heart-felt than one on the right. Apparently it breaks down to the sides of our brain. The right side of the brain, which controls emotions, also controls the left side of the body. That means feeling a strong emotion will send you to the left side during a hug. (Daily Mail)


 Science Says Pushy Parents Ease Kids’ Anxiety

As parents, we feel our kids’ pain and try to protect them from it at all costs. And if our kid is worried - about anything from going to a new school to climbing the big-kid jungle gym for the first time - we want to help. But new research shows instead of trying to calm their nerves, we’d be helping them more by encouraging them to take risks.

A new study looked at preschoolers from England, the Netherlands and Australia and found that parents who “encourage children to push their limits are likely protecting their children from developing childhood anxiety disorders.” And it turns out, the pushier the parent is, the less anxious the kid is.

So encouraging your little ones to venture out of their comfort zones actually reduces their anxiety. That means it’s good to let them play rough and lose a game sometimes, and it’s also good to encourage them to feel confident in unfamiliar situations. Let your fear go and see how pushing your kid helps them relax and excel.

Source: PureWow

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