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You Choose The News - 1-30-18


The cliché is true …

gentlemen really do prefer blondes. According to a new study, men find women with lighter hair to be more attractive than women with darker hair. Guys perceive blondes to be younger, healthier and more promiscuous. Men also think of blondes as the kinds of women you date, while brunettes are considered better to settle down with. (Daily Mail)


Funeral Home Offers Pizza For Pre-Planning Your Funeral

A Wisconsin funeral home wants you to plan ahead for your death and they’ve got an unusual incentive to encourage you to do it. Krause Funeral Home in Brookfield’s “Pizza and Preplan” promotion was advertised on a recent flier they sent out and they’re banking on the fact that people really like pizza.

“Enjoy free pizza on us as we discuss how preplanning your funeral helps ease the emotional and financial burden for you and your family,” the ad reads. Owner Mark Krause says they ran a similar promo last year and over 100 folks showed up to get in on the offer. Some people will do anything for free pizza.

Source: Fox News


Text neck is a real problem …

Text neck – neck problems caused by looking down at our phones – is no joke. Here are the hard facts: The average human head weighs about 10-12 pounds, but when we bend our neck to text, check Facebook, or otherwise look down at our phones, the gravitational pull on our head and the stress on our neck increases to as much as 60 pounds of pressure, according to a report published in the Spine Journal. This leads to loss of the curve of the cervical spine (your neck). In other words, spending hours upon hours looking down at phones is messing with our necks … and could result in pain and other issues down the road. (NY Times

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