Ways To Be A Better Friend

With social media, we know exactly what our friends are doing, pretty much all the time. And that might help bridge the communication gap in our busy schedules, but your friendships deserve more than just online interaction. Like all relationships worth having, friendships take work and here’s how you can be a better friend.

Really listen - Sometimes we feel the need to unload, so we talk and talk without ever listening to our friend in return. So be a good friend by giving your friend the time to shine in the friendship and the time to unload, too.

Make a phone call - Know when your friends are celebrating milestones and congratulate them with an actual phone call. Not a text or a Facebook post, those are for acquaintances, not true friends.

Rephrase your question - When you do finally talk to your friend, try to avoid asking, “How are you?” because we’re conditioned to answer “fine,” even when we’re not. Ask something like “What has it been like for you lately,” to really get an idea what’s going on in their life.

Have more in-person interactions - Technology keeps us all connected, but nothing beats the connection you feel from spending time together in person. There’s less room for misunderstanding because you get the body language, tone, physical touch and other factors of communication when you’re face to face.

Source: The Zoe Report

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