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Nicole Grimes of Brownsville, Pennsylvania, was scrolling through Facebook when she noticed a photo of an older dog who needed a new family. She instantly felt a connection and adopted the sweet-looking grey-haired dog.

It didn’t take long to sense that something was very familiar about this new animal. The dog had a lot of the same personality traits and movements as a family dog Nicole remembered growing up with.

Nicole took the dog back to the shelter to scan her microchip and, sure enough, it was Chloe, a dog that was part of her family when she was in grade school, that the family had to put up for adoption so many years ago.

It has been a surprise and a treat for Nicole and Chloe to be reunited eight whole years after the heartbreak of being separated. (Little Things)


Having A Bad Day? Well, It Probably Won’t Be Your Only One This Year

We’ve all had that day that we wish was over before they even started. It’s common to have a bad day now and again, but according to a new study, bad days aren’t few and far between. In fact, most of us have a lot of them each year.

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans by fitness app Freeletics, the average American has about 60 bad days a year, or two whole months. As for what a “bad day” consists of, that does depend on the person.

Not surprising, work is a big reason for folks’ bad days, with respondents blaming their job for four out of the five bad days they have each month. As for why exactly they have bad days, 67% of people blame it on not getting enough sleep, while other reasons for bad days include:

  • Having plans fall through (34%)
  • Not having hot water in the shower (25%)
  • Having a bad hair day (25%)
  • Having their favorite sport team lose (8%)

And there’s no doubt having bad days can be bad for not only people’s mental health, but their physical health as well. In fact, the study finds that 50% of Americans say they are likely to eat something unhealthy when they are having a bad day, while 34% are more likely to have an alcoholic beverage. Just one?

Source: New York Post


Mom Puts A Note In Son's Lunch Everyday

One Mom had a touching moment at her parent/teacher conference. She puts a note in her son's lunch everyday and found out that he actually keeps them.

 Source: Reddit

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