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You Choose The News - 2-22-18


Jumping ship …

According to a recent SurveyMonkey poll, 51 percent of employees said they would take another job if offered. The biggest reason they were ready to jump ship? They didn’t feel engaged with the company. The survey found that only 33 percent of employees were engaged with their company, and only 22 percent felt leadership had a clear direction for their organization. 


Nevertheless, you persisted …

If you're trying to lose weight, exercise more, or stick to any goal, there's one word you can use to keep you on track. According to psychologist and life coach Stanley Hibbs, the only word you need for success is: Nevertheless.

"I call it inoculating yourself against excuse-itis," Hibbs told Today. "'Nevertheless' allows us to talk back to, refute and dispute our excuses, and then propels us towards positive action."

For example: "It's cold out and I don't feel like running today. Nevertheless, it's important -- so I'm going to do it anyway" or "I've had a terrible day and just want some ice cream. Nevertheless, I'll find a better way to deal with my feelings."


The Hobby Lobby Challenge

It's the internet's latest craze, it's the Hobby Lobby Challenge. People are going into the craft store and taking pictures with the flowers and other decorations. To see some examples of the Hobby Lobby Challenge click here.

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