How You Can Make The World Better In 2018


Most of us start the new year filled with optimism and hope that this one will be better than the last. That’s why it’s so easy to make all those New Year’s resolutions that are so hard to keep. So this year, why not make it easy and just vow to help make the world a better place? Think that sounds too tough? Here are some simple ways you can make 2018 better.

  • Set up a monthly donation to a charity of your choice - Make giving to a cause you believe in super easy by signing up for a monthly auto debit to your favorite charity. Pick an amount you feel comfortable with and after you spend 10 minutes setting it up, you’ll be giving without having to think about it again.
  • Donate your clothes - Clear out some of the things you haven’t worn in a year and donate to your favorite thrift store. You’ll make room for the new clothes you’ll buy while doing something good for others.
  • Call that loved one you should call more often - Your mom, dad, or great Aunt Carol would love to hear from you, so commit to making that call regularly.
  • Think kind - This could include giving up your seat on a train, clearing out the office fridge, holding the door for a stranger, or just about anything else that would make someone else’s day.
  • Volunteer - Get out there and give your time to a group you want to support. There are all kinds of organizations that need your help and so do local schools and libraries. It won’t cost you anything but the time you’re willing to put in for them.

Source: MamaMia

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