Jobs Most Likely To Lead To Divorce

People get divorced for all kinds of reasons, but it turns out the jobs you or your spouse have could make you more likely to split up. Statistician Nathan Yau analyzed divorce data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Five Year American Community Survey and figured out these careers come with a higher divorce rate.

  • Gaming managers - These folks work face-to-face with customers in casinos and game rooms and they’re the most likely to split, with a 52.9% divorce rate.
  • Bar staff - Bartending is next on the list with a divorce rate of 52.7%. Maybe it’s all the alcohol in bars and casinos that leads to trouble.
  • Gaming services workers - These folks who work in casinos and game rooms have a 50.7% divorce rate.
  • Cabin crew - Maybe all that time away from home or traveling and meeting new people leads to the 50.5% divorce rate for flight attendants.
  • Construction - The divorce rate for rolling machine setters, operators and tenders in was found to be 50.1% and 46.9% of marriages where one partner's occupation falls under “extruding and drawing machine setters, operators and tenders” ended in divorce.
  • Switchboard operators - We’re talking about the helpful people who connect you to the right person and their divorce rate is 49.7%.
  • Telemarketers - Having folks hang up on you all day must take a toll on a person, and those in this high-pressure occupation have a 49.7% divorce rate, too.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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