Make Your Guests Feel More Welcome

This time of year you could be expecting holiday houseguests for a visit or just have loved ones stopping by to enjoy a meal and a quick catch up. Either way, here are some things you can do to make sure all those who come to your home feel welcome.

  • Stock up - It’s always nice to have a few things you know your guests like to eat and drink around when they’re coming to visit. Yogurt for breakfast, half and half for their coffee, and snacks you know they’ll eat will make them happy and show you care.
  • Give them some space - Space in your home for their coats, bags, and shoes and space in the schedule for down time and alone time is always appreciated.
  • Offer them a drink - Once they’re inside and settled, ask your guests if they want some water, tea, beer, wine or a cocktail, and then sit down to socialize with them.
  • Help them help themselves - Make it easy for them to grab a drink or a snack for themselves so they don’t feel like a burden each time they want something.
  • Give out the WiFi password - Write it on a notecard and put on the fridge or the coffee table so guests don’t have to ask and you don’t have to repeat yourself a hundred times.
  • Swap in clean linens - Of course, you know to have clean bedding ready for overnight guests, but don’t forget to change out the kitchen linens and bathroom hand towels, too.
  • Declutter common spaces - Tidy up your counters, coffee tables, and dressers in the rooms where your company will be spending time.
  • But avoid the museum effect - Don’t take the cleaning and tidying so far that your house is so pristine no one can enjoy themselves without fear of messing something up.

Source: The Kitchn

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