Morning Rituals For A Better 2018

The way you spend your morning can affect your whole day, so why not start off right? Here are some things to incorporate into your usual morning routine for a more positive day. They might just help you keep some of your New Year’s resolutions, too.

  • Wake up early so you can wake up slowly - Stop hitting snooze and then rushing to make it out the door on time. Waking up earlier gives you more time to lie around, exercise - if that’s your thing, get ready, and even make breakfast without being rushed.
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode in the morning - If you’re not already sleeping with your phone on airplane mode, you should be. And leave it set there until you’re finished with your morning routine so you’re not distracted by emails, texts, and such until you’re ready to handle them.
  • Do you - Since you’re up early and aren’t stressed out by your phone, you have time to take care of you. Drink hot lemon water, meditate, stretch, use your gratitude journal, go for a walk, or any other wellness practice that makes you happy in the morning.
  • Set your intentions - Think about your ideas, goals, and actions for the day.
  • Commit to a happier commute - Your attitude about your commute makes a big difference. Instead of flipping through radio stations searching for a good song to ease the pain of traffic, spend your drive calling friends and family to catch up, or listen to an entertaining podcast, or a funny morning show. You’ll arrive at work more relaxed and in a better mindset to start your day, and that makes everything feel better.

Source: The Thirty

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