Sunburn Tattoos Are The Next Social Media Rage

There is nothing funny about getting sunburned. Unless of course, you mean to do so because you're not ready for something permanent or are too cheap to get a real tattoo. 

“Sunburn tattoos,” are making a comeback. The trend first started to happen in 2015. It looks like it's heating up for the summer 2019 season and doctors are warning against it. 

Here's how it works (basically exactly what it sounds like): People place stencils on exposed skin and head outside to soak up some rays. When that mission is complete, they remove the stencils to reveal “semi-permanent” designs in paler skin tones.

It wasn’t long before #sunburntattoo posts were popping up on Twitter and Instagram. Everything from the Batman logo to the Playboy bunny has been posted. Doctors say fooling around with the deadly UV rays from the sun is no laughing matter and that we should always wear a healthy amount of sunscreen before going outside for long periods of time in the sun. 

Photo: Getty Images

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