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Florida Woman Not Happy With How Beef Was Cut

Christmas dinner. 28 day matured sirloin of beef served rare medium with roasted parsnips

Where was the beef? Well…it was right in front of her…but not the way she liked it.

A Florida woman had a real beef over the way her boyfriend sliced her beef -- and her reaction landed her in jail.

55-year-old Kimberly Jean Carroll was about to sit down for a meat and potatoes dinner with her boyfriend when she she took exception to the way he'd sliced her steak.

An argument ensued and ultimately turned physical. She allegedly punched the boyfriend in the face with a closed fist and spit on him. 

Now listen…taking beef with something is understandable.But taking beef with…well..beef – that’s some serious business.

The victim told police he did not want her arrested, but cops took her into custody and charged her with domestic battery.

I’m thinking there may be some other issues in the relationship here. Maybe this was just a trigger. But let’s look at the bright side, he may not have cut the beef the way she liked it…BUT…at least he didn’t cut the cheese.

Photo: Getty Images

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