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Nothing But Positive Messages For This Douglas County School

School children standing in a row

I love this story!

Let me tell you about North Douglas Elementary School - because THIS is a big deal. This, I hope, will encourage other schools to follow suit. And THIS is going to make a difference. I firmly believe that.

The students at North Douglas Elementary are starting the school year surrounded by positive messages .And guess where they’re going to see them? Bold affirmations have been painted on every single bathroom stall door in the building.

Principal Karna Kelly says these quotes are going to help encourage the students to continue to believe in themselves and know they are worthy. Artist Sharanda Wilburn agrees. She painted all 48 stall doors in two weeks.

From "You are going to change the world" in the boys' bathroom, to "Queens are leaders" in the girls bathroom--- Wilburn says she wanted to empower, encourage and motivate these children.

"I think the bathroom starts with bullying and I think if they see something positive, it will uplift them."

The grant work for the art was coordinated through the Douglas County Cultural Arts Council. Principal Kelly says she is excited her school was chosen to pilot the program.

"Yes, it makes us unique and our scholars really deserve this. They deserve the best."

Photos: Getty Images

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