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5 Teen Heroes Save A Deputy's Life

A deputy in Auburn, Washington was attacked by a man she was trying to arrest, but five young men came to her rescue.

Deputy Elliott with the King County Sheriff’s department was in the process of arresting an intoxicated man who tried to leave after causing a car crash, but then he put her in a headlock and started choking her.

That’s when she heard several voices yelling for him to “get off of her” and a group of five teenage boys appeared. They jumped on the suspect and struggled with him while Deputy Elliot got free and handcuffed the man.

The photo above was taken just a few minutes after the teens helped her.

Now the young men are being honored for their bravery by King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknect. They were each given the Community Heroism Award - the highest award a civilian can receive from the sheriff’s office.

"On her behalf, I have to thank you. She believes, and I believe had you not been there for her on this day, she might not be alive."

Those were the words from Sheriff Johanknect when the boys received their medals.

To the parents of these young men, you should be proud!

The suspect was arrested for felony assault of an Officer and DUI and booked into SCORE jail by Auburn PD, who will be the primary agency on the case.

Deputy Ryan Abbott of the King County Sheriff's Department details the story below on Facebook. These kids are heroes! And to law enforcement here in Georgia and all over our country, please remember that you are loved, appreciated and supported. Thank you for what you do!

All Photos: King County Sheriff's Department / Deputy Abbott

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