Father Gets Mad With Nurses For Not Letting Him Change His Sons Birthdate

A dad went on the offensive after his child was born December 31st at 11:05pm. The dad wanted his son to have the birth year of 2021 so he "wouldn't be associated with the shitty year, 2020." The dad says a nurse handed him a form to fill out to record their child's details and when he got to the date and time of birth, he chose to put 12.05am on January 1 instead because "one hour difference wasn't really a problem. After she tried to argue with me telling me that what I was doing is considered forgery and would cause a huge issue because it's not just an hour, I was changing the date as well. I told her that I'm his dad so I get a say and take full responsibility for anything that happens later. She lashed out at me and told me that 'this is not how it works' and that this form will not be accepted because it contained false information."

The dad took to Reddit to ask for other people's opinions, and found support in very short supply. One said: "You're the a**hole. As a parent you don't have authority over space and time. His date and time of birth is a fact, not an opinion."

Photo: Getty Images