The WWE Is Scrubbing Two Racially Insensitive Moments From Their Streaming

While John Cena isn't the one who uttered the "N word," he was the main subject of the video. Now, WWE is scrubbing the racially sensitive moments from their streaming service, Peacock, which is owned by NBC. In the video, WWE owner, Vince McMahon, tries to be "hip," like Cena. McMahon is saying "hi" to Cena backstage and utters the offensive word. As the camera and McMahon pan away, you can see Booker T, a black wrestler and an unidentified woman. Booker T, visibly upset ends the bit with "I hope he didn't just say that?"

In the other, it focuses on Roddy Piper, a WWE legend. Piper was set to wrestle Bad News Brown, in which Piper painted half of his body black. A promo by Piper, half in black face, was also removed from the show. In the script, Piper was cast as the "good guy." Piper and Brown discussed interview angles in which Brown stated that Piper was a racist and Piper explaining the idea for half black face was his idea as a way to promote races getting together.

Photo: Getty Images