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How Far Can You Go On An Empty Tank?

You’re driving around looking for gas and…UH OHHHHHH…that dang “EMPTY” light pops up and you hear a “ding…ding…ding.”

The newer cars will usually count you down to the last mile. But older cars don’t give you that information.

Your Mechanic did all of the work to let us know how much gas we have left when that dreaded alert happens !No need to grab your AAA card just yet!

You can see their full list on how many miles you can go in the top 50 best-selling cars in the U.S. by clicking HERE.

These are the Top 10: (According to Your Mechanic)

Chevy Silverado – 25 miles

Ford Fusion – 35-80 miles

Ford F150 – 35-80 miles

Honda Accord – 70-93 miles

Honda CR-V – 62-78 miles

Honda Civic – 59-80 miles

Nissan Altima – 81-114 miles

Ram 1500 – 63-87 miles

Toyota Camry – 65-91 miles

Toyota Corolla – 60-84 miles

Your Mechanic also reminds us that it's best to keep our gas tanks 1/4 full.

Photo: Getty Images

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