Half of Unvaccinated Americans Believe Vaccine Includes Microchip

Believe it or not - one in five people in the United States believes the COVID-19 vaccine has a microchip in it.

According to the recent Economist/YouGov poll, when asked how likely they thought it was true that "the U.S. government is using [the vaccine] to microchip the population," 20% of U.S. adults said they believe it was "definitely/probably true" and 14% weren't sure. The majority – 66% -- said such a claim was "definitely/probably false."

When broken down by vaccination status, 51% of those not vaccinated believe the microchip myth, while only 9% of fully vaxxed folks did.

Wait a second, I thought the government was tracking us through our cell phones?!?! All joking aside, some call it logic. Others would say it's all a conspiracy theory.

** The EconomistandYouGov surveyed 1,500 people between July 10-13, 2021. Results have a margin of error of approximately 3 percent.

Photo: Getty Images

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