Tom Bergeron Finally Reveals Why He Was Fired From Dancing With the Stars

Tom Bergeron reveals that he was fired from Dancing With the Stars over the casting of political figures.

While on Bob Saget's Here for You podcast, Bergeron said he disagreed with the producers' decision to include people like Sean Spicer in 2019.

Tom, who had hosted the show since its debut in 2005, explained, "We were on the cusp of an election year as well, so I said that the only thing that I would say is, let's play to our strength. Let's be an oasis for two hours every week from all of the nonsense and the divisiveness going on right now. And let's just not put political people in."

Though a few execs agreed with him at the time, the political people were still cast. Tm said he "was really quite caught by surprise and taken aback and felt a bit misled."

He added, "Whether it was somebody I voted for or didn't, I didn't think a political person was an appropriate for the show."

Tyra Banks was hired to replace Bergeron and Erin Andrews. The reviews for Tyra have not been stellar.

Photo: Getty Images

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