Convicted Felon Allowed Firearm To Discharge At Atlanta's Airport

Social media exploded after reports of gunshots happening inside Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta. Quickly, the rumors of a active shooter were put to bed after officials say an accidental discharge is what happened. Now, we are learning a little more about the incident. Police say the man pictured above, Kenny Wells, is responsible for discharging his handgun inside the airport. We have questions:

  1. How do police have his picture? Wells is a convicted felon, which if abided by, would prevent him from owning a firearm.
  2. Why did Wells bring his gun to the airport? Passengers are allowed to fly firearms but have to go through the process to do so.
  3. Where did this happen? Officials noticed the weapon during a search and Wells allegedly went to grab the gun, causing it to fire.
  4. Why don't the police have him in custody? Wells grabbed his things, including the gun and left the airport.

The TSA said that Atlanta ranks as No. 1 in the nation when it comes to passengers caught with weapons at security checkpoints.

Photo: Atlanta PD

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