Miracle In Miami, Dolphins Beat Patriots With An Incredible Walk Off TD

Many will consider what happened down in South Florida today to be the greatest play in the history of the Miami Dolphins, which have played in the NFL since 1966. Considering it came against their current arch nemesis, the New England Patriots - complete with the Hood and Tom Brady - made it all the sweeter for the Fins and their fans.

It looked like a sure loss was happening again for the Dolphins when the Patriots kicked a field goal near the end of the fourth quarter to go up by five. After the ensuing kickoff, the Dolphins were faced with the improbable - about seventy yards to go and only seven seconds on the clock. And that's where this miracle starts:


The play starts with Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill making a perfect throw to wide receiver Kenny Stills who turns and makes a perfect lateral to fellow receiver Devante Parker. Then, Parker spots a streaking Kenyan Drake to make one more lateral to. Once Drake had the ball, a little weaving took place until he had just one more to beat - Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski? Right, Gronkowski was stuck out on defense most likely in the event of a Hail Mary type of play where he could play spoiler in a jump ball. But this final play was no jump ball. Gronkowski proved to be no match for the speed of former Alabama running back Drake.

Ultimately, the Dolphins keep their playoff hopes alive and give their fans something to really cheer about in a season full of injuries and other missteps.

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