ABC's "Nashville" is doing something that's never been done on television before. 

"Entertainment Tonight" says the show's season three premiere will feature live performances from two of its stars.  Charles "Chip" Esten, as Deacon Claybourne, will sing "I Know How To Love You Now" and Chris Carmack, as Will Lexington, will play "If It's Love." 

As each of their performances come up in the episode, the network will switch from the pre-taped drama to a live feed from Nashville's Bluebird Cafe for the live segments.  And they'll do it twice.  Esten and Carmack will perform live for both the East Coast and West Coast broadcasts. 

The landmark episode will mark the first time ever that a scripted show has incorporated live musical performances.  In addition, Esten and Carmack's songs will be available from iTunes immediately after the show airs. 

The season three premiere of "Nashville" will air on ABC on September 24th. 

Photo: Getty Images