Men, like gorillas, are naturally hairy beasts. But unlike gorillas, men have to live in a society with people who will find their abundance of hideous hair gross.


Some guys are aware of their hair and do something to tame it, but others are either unaware or simply don't care about their unsightly hair.


So here are some body hair mistakes committed by guys:


Too much armpit hair. Some is tolerated, but too much needs to be trimmed.


Toe hair is often overlooked, but it is a big no-no.


The fur necklace. Any chest hair that breaches the collar of your T-shirt needs to be removed.


The neck beard. A beard is fine, but not when it creeps down your neck to eventually meet your chest hair.


Thick chest hair. The '70s seemed to tolerate it, but the '70s are long over. If your chest hair is so thick that it keeps your T-shirt from touching your chest, it needs to be dealt with immediately.


Unibrow. Chances are if you have a unibrow, you've been aware of it for a long time and take care of it. Just make sure you cut that caterpillar into two frequently.


Back hair should be removed completely.


Ear and nose hair. Both must be eliminated. (AskMen)