Beware of the chatty taxi driver – Sure the taxi driver knows you’re going away since he’s picking you up at your home and loading in your luggage, but that’s all he should know. Be careful what you say in front of your driver, and definitely don’t mention how long you’ll be gone. And if you really want to be safe, have someone you know take you to the airport. Come on, isn’t that what friends are for.


Notify the police – Believe it or not, in some communities cops will provide extra patrols in your neighborhood if you clue them into your vacation plans.


Keep your car clean –If you have to drive yourself to the airport and leave your car in long-term parking, make sure you don’t leave anything in it that can identify where you live, like magazines or bills. In addition, don’t leave your GPS out in the open. And cars are thieve-magnets too, so it’s important to not leave anything of value in the vehicle or it will be a prime target.


Have someone check in – Before you leave ask someone you trust to check in on the place. To that end, now’s not the time to brag, only tell people you trust you’re going away. And most important, make sure your kids don’t share too much either.


Use your alarm system – In addition to setting the alarm, contact the company  and let them know you’re away. If nobody will be going into your home, let them know so if anyone tries to enter they’ll be on alert.


Be anti-social on social media – We know it’s tempting to post that selfie of you at the beach, but if you really really want to be safe, don’t share anything from your vacation online until you’ve returned. Sure, you can’t make your friends jealous while they’re still at their desk, but when you come home to a safe home, you’ll feel much better about it.


(Source: Today)