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1. "You're Not Invited" cards - Exactly what it sounds like. You aren’t invited. It's not supposed to be mean-spirited though, according to what Tatiana Byron, founder of event planning service The Wedding Salon, told TODAY.com, "Nine out of 10 times, it's because of lack of space -- and the couple feels super guilty

2. "Unplugged" weddings - The new trend of "unplugged" are the bride and groom’s way of having an uninterrupted wedding. They take your phone at the door and you get it back at the end of the ceremony. The bride doesn’t need you posting any unflattering shots to Instagram, so leave your cell in the car.

3. Social media concierge - The opposite of an “unplugged” wedding is one that hires a social media concierge that blasts Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Twitter with photos, hashtags, and ceremony highlights.

4. Donkey guest - Haul N Ass Productions, thought more people should be able to have a donkey carry around the beer for their guests and a new trend was born. This one might be a little pricey with the clean-up. Eww, donkey poop!

5. Pink wedding gowns - Pink wedding gowns are taking over nuptials across the U.S. Vera Wang unveiled her Fall 2014 wedding line and pink was the new trend. And, if Vera says it, it’s gospel.