(a picture of my Mom and me on vacation a few years ago)


Ladies, you have your own life now.  But you don't want to let your mom down as she ages and looks upon your life choices.  Here's how to impress her in a genuine manner, and keep the love aglow:

1.                 Be happy to confide in your mother: Talk candidly and respect her opinions.

2.                 Be honest on shopping trips: Does she look fat in that?

3.                 Call regularly: What mother doesn't want that, from a son or a daughter?

4.                 Be always available in a crisis: And a 'crisis' could mean nothing to you, but is important to her.

5.                 Go on girly day trips/breaks: It strengthens your already-existing bonds and plays well for tough things that may come later.

6.                 Send daily text updates: Same principle as phone calls, but don't let a text be a substitute for that phone conversation

7.                 Pitch in with family dinners: Mom will appreciate it (and she may, in her later years, actually need the help).

8.                 Water her plants when she's away: If your mom travels, don't let her come home to an unkempt house.

9.                 Look after the pets while she's away: Same principle as with the plant-watering.

10.            Offer mom a ride: You don't have to become a taxi service; just help out sometimes.

The study was carried out among a thousand mothers and a thousand adult daughters to gauge the perfect mother-daughter relationship. Perhaps the most important you can do is being present in your mom's life.