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Hank The Dog



 (Photo: Twitter/@Brewers)



 (Photo: Twitter/@Brewers)



 (Photo: Twitter/@Brewers)




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Fun Facts


- Hank the Dog was a stray, in bad shape, wandering around the Brewers’ spring training facility in Phoenix, Ariz. looking for food. He was discovered by team management, taken in and adopted by the players and fans alike.

- On opening day in Milwaukee on March 31st, Hank received one of the loudest standing ovations in Miller Park history

- Hank will be honored with a his own Bobblehead night on September 21st with proceeds going to the “Hank Fund,” created by the Milwaukee Humane Society for the care of stray animals.

- Hank was named after baseball great Hank Aaron, who started his illustrious career in Milwaukee

- It's estimated that Hank is some sort of bichon frise mix

- Hank is officially owned by team vice president and general counsel, Marti Wronski, and lives with her family in Whitefish Bay when not on duty. 



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